Hand Made by Sheila Decorative Items



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Glass Coasters Image
Coasters are made from two layers of glass that have been fused together. They have silicon table protectors on the bottom.

Most of the glass coasters are approximately 10 cm square.
Free standing glass waves Image
These items are made from layers of glass that have been fused together. They have then been placed on a mould that has caused them to become a wave shape that will stand on its own. Each wave is approximately 24 cm x 8 cm.

Please be aware that they should not be placed in front of an open window where wind may cause them to fall and, as they are made of glass, they may shatter. It is also best to place them out of the reach of both children and animals for the same reason.
Framed Glass Pictures Image
Pictures made from layers of fused glass which have then been mounted in a frame to allow them to stand on be hung on a wall.
Glass Dishes Image
These are small round or square dishes made from one or two layers of fused glass.
Christmas items Image
Items from the various other categories that have a Christmas theme.
Recycled bottles Image
These bottles have been heated in a kiln to a very high temperature which causes them to flatten.

They are then etched or have other images applied so that they can be used for cheeseboards or spoon-rests, for example.
Other glass decorative pieces Image
In this category you will find other pieces made from glass that do not fit into the other categories. The nature of glass means that each of these pieces should be considered to be "one - off". Even using the same glass and the same set up, variations may be caused by position on the kiln shelf, for instance.
Tea Light Holders Image
These tea light holders are made from glass and measure a maximum of about 9 cm square.
Glass bowls Image
These glass bowls have a diameter of approximately 12.5 cm
Candle holders Image
Sea themed items Image
A collection of items with a seaside theme.
Lanterns for tea lights Image
Made from glass and metal. It is advised that you should use battery rather than wax tea lights in these lanterns.

Please be aware that, if you choose to use a real tea light candle in this item, it will become hot and should be placed on a surface that will not be damaged by the heat. They should also be kept safely away from vulnerable adults, children and pets until cool.
Ceramic Fridge Magnet Sets Image
Approximately 4.5 cm square tiles. Set of three.
Unless otherwise stated, all pendants come without a chain or cord. All pendants come boxed.